"Have Gratitude and Appreciation for all the great things in your life right now because that is how you learn what it is that you want more of"

Lack is the greatest source of our worry and stress and abundance is the goal we all aim for, abundance of money, love and opportunities but it seems to so elusive in the long term, there is no consistent flow, more of a swing or a lurch from good times to bad.

Abundance is liberating, it is validating and rewarding, with abundance you have more than enough for your own needs and desires allowing you to share your good fortune around. I have always been time poor, when I changed my business direction I restructured it to give me more time, now I have time to share with those I love, doing the things I love, which includes donating my time to different good causes, all of these things bring me so much joy.

I have also struggled over the years with money, despite working very hard, until I realised that it was my own mindset and belief systems that were holding me back, in this section I am going to share with you what I have learned and experienced about lack in all its forms and how you can bring abundance into your life.