Don't know you.

You know what you want and you may even know how to go about achieving it but you never seem to get there, you never seem to find the time or energy to bring it all together. If you are like I was you probably beat yourself for being lazy or disorganised, which just adds to the problem and nothing gets done, nothing changes.

One of the biggest blocks we all have to reaching our goals and growing is a lack of motivation and there are so many reasons that we find it hard to get started or stick at a task or lifestyle change let alone give it the commitment it requires.

As with all areas of growth and change we follow a simple process to address a lack in motivation, 

1) Become aware of the issue and our triggers.

2) Look closer, at the mental and emotional structure behind it.

3) Reframe Rework and create a plan.

If you are lacking in motivation and finding it hard to complete or start tasks and move forward then you will find plenty to help you here.