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3 Ways To Improve Your Mindset


Occasionally life has a way of making us feel so small and breaking us down. Maybe you ultimately make a decision that you were all set to make, an important transformation in your life but something or someone threw you off course before you got going.

Some people are not able to really put their wheels in motion while others are inexorable with their main goals in life. The truth is your mindset is usually what really makes the difference. Learning how to manage your thought patterns is what is going to keep you on the move when things fail to go as planned. Here are 3 ways to improve your mindset:

 1. Start Off Your Day Strong


Your day’s effectiveness is normally determined in the first few morning hours. If you start checking the Facebook newsfeed and email when you get out of bed, you will start to drift down to the unknown.


Front load your morning with an activity that will give you a positive mental focus. A brief brainstorming or workout session will help in keeping you right on track.


I brainstorm, goal set and plan my day in the morning for half an hour over coffee, then off to the beach for a walk and meditation, my day is then set on strong foundations and I am ready to go!


2. Take Control of What Goes In Your Head


Are you filling your mind with awesome, mind expanding stuff or reading tabloids, entertainment magazines and watching soaps, reality tv and the like ?


It is easy to underestimate the impact this has on our mindset and our reality. It is important to be super vigilent about what you are reading, watching and listening to, you may be surprised at how negative most of it is. This is because you are used to it but take note of how often you are absorbing conflict, death, fear and agression in your daily reading and watching habits and then ask yourself, could it be dragging you down? Could it be tapping into your own anxieties and fears and making them feel real?


Imagine that every piece of drama, violence,  gossip and fear mongering that you subject yourself to is a cup of mud being thrown at you, if that really were the case you wouldn't put up with it for long, yet we drown ourselves in it every day and wonder why we have negative thoughts.


Learn to be proactive and disciplined about the things that you allow to go through your mind. We cannot make changes to our DNA, but we can opt to be more and more vigilant about what sort of information we choose to consume.


3. Practice Gratitude


Recall what you are grateful for time and time again. Focus on the positive things that life has to offer as opposed to its negatives.

Now this is not always easy but  keep trying, after a few weeks it will be easier and almost automatic.

Think about how fortunate you already are and how that is going to grow each and everyday until you fulfil your dreams. Remember that it is you who’s going to determine your reality. As such be grateful for that opportunity to create whatever it is you desire.

Get into the habit of counting your blessings when you are stuck in traffic or in the queue at starbuck, on the toilet, wherever it is that you get those spare few moments, don't grab your phone instead think about what you are grateful for.

5 Tips for Removing Negativity from Your Life


There is no reason that negativity is a drain. Most people will surely avoid negative people if as much as possible and will reduce their contact with them to an absolute minimum. But it can also be a downward spiral. So what would do if you're suffering from an excess of negativity that's maybe even leading you into depression?


1. Be Grateful More Often


Gratitude is a powerful weapon against negativity.

It's pretty much its opposite and once you learn to be grateful more often then you'll find that your negativity struggles to cope with your new found gratitude.

At first, just say "thank you" more often. Ideally out loud but at least in your head.

And if necessary find things to be grateful for - the air you're breathing, the clothes you're wearing, anything!

If possible, keep a gratitude journal and write down at least three things that have happened during the day that you're grateful for. This will help put your mind in the right place to sleep.


2. Get More Exercise


Exercise releases endorphin into your body.

These are a natural "feel good" mechanism that acts faster, better and safer than any drug (prescription or otherwise), and they are generated when you exercise.

Exercise doesn't have to mean going to the gym or pool or even jogging.

It can be as simple as leaving the car at home for short journeys or parking a bit further away from the store entrance.

Or you could deliberately go out for a walk! That works nicely so long as the weather isn't too inclement.


3. Eat Healthily


Comfort food is often anything but comforting.

It may be something you eat that gives you a quick sugar high, but that's soon followed by the negative side of eating food that's not exactly healthy.

Cut down on excess sugar.

Gradually cut down on the caffeine (it's not a good idea to remove caffeine from your diet in one swoop).

Make slightly healthier choices when you eat - even if that means reading the labels. A good rule is not to eat things where you don't understand several of the ingredients and wouldn't add them if you were making the recipe at home. So if you don't keep high fructose corn syrup, or it's artificial partner aspartame in your kitchen, don't buy products with them in. (These two products are to be avoided at all costs, there are more articles on the site explaining more)


4. Hypnotise Yourself


Negativity isn't something you've chosen to do.

It's something your subconscious mind has developed as a protection mechanism for you.

And - just as you can't tell your nails to stop growing - it's not easy to remove negativity or depression at a conscious level.

Hypnosis works by working with your subconscious mind to subtly change your behaviour and reduce the negativity in your life.

It's easy - all you do is listen to a hypnosis recording (easier and more flexible than visiting a hypnotist) and let it work its magic.


5. Process Process Process


Using the processing techniques you can learn in Unlock the Potential of You Course to balance the root cause of your negativity or in helping you step away from or manage the negative people in your life.

UPY Course has all the techniques you will need to change your mindset and balance your mindset, it is then up to you to apply them to different areas of your life and your success is a great place to start.

5 Things Successful People Do To Improve


Have you ever wondered why some people succeed so much in what they do in life while others do not? Well, here are 5 things successful people do to improve. Try them out and you will become an icon in your community in no time.

1. They Set Goals Persistently. 


You cannot improve in anything you do unless you set some targets and achieve them. Successful people understand that you can never be too good at what you do or too successful in your trade. You always have a goal to achieve. You always have to do something that no one before you did. Steve Jobs had this type of mentality and look at what he built. Apple is now the most highly valued company in the world. Everything can be turned into a goal, anything you want to achieve is a goal, from wanting to get your chores done to being able to buy your dream home.


The problem most of us have is we have 101 things to do and it is all swirling around in our heads and we lose sight of our real goals, spending our days fire fighting instead of finding out what are dreams are and then working towards them. Everyone has a purpose and the need to fulfil it but the biggest issue most of us face is the lack of time, so by working smarter, with clear goals and plans you will free up plenty of time and energy to discover who you really are 


Setting goals keeps you motivated and on track, they make you stop and really  think about what you want, rather than just a vague notion of something better They help you address your fears and doubts and they clear your mind, when you know where you are and where you are going it brings great clarity of thought and you are able to achieve something greather than you imagined.


2. They Have the Right Networks. 


You cannot succeed alone. You need a network of people who know things that you do not know. You should listen to their expert advice, analyse it, and then implement it if it makes sense. Do not rely on your wisdom in everything you do because you cannot know everything. In business  get a good accountant, a professional lawyer, an excellent human resource manager, and a strategic thinker among others. In life in general the people we surround ourselves with, makes a big difference. Start expanding your networks but be discerning, this is about creating a network that is aligned with your goals, rather than focusing on size.


Our time is precious so ensure that you are talking to and spending your time with the right people, always see if there is value in the exchange, if not turn your attention elsewhere. Some people in life can just suck up your time, whether it is the friend who always has one crisis or another that requires hours talking it through or the salesman who seems in no hurry to leave. Your time has no real value here and it is better spent elsewhere, You may have an elderly relative who would love to see you, or you could get those ads done for your business.


Prune your networks and ensure they are balanced, connect with people who can help you expand and grow, in business or personally, as well as with people who you can help. Sometimes we create networks were we are at the centre, supporting everyone around us but without a support network of our own. 


3. Take Responsibility for Your Actions and Learn From Your Failures.


You will never be successful if you do not accept responsibility for your actions even if it is just in private. Without doing so, you would never learn from your mistakes. Instead, you would blame others for your failures and doing that will cost you many good friends.When you believe that your bad mood, problems or setbacks are someone else's fault you are disempowering yourself, the story you are telling yourself is that you have no power to stop this, that you have no effect.


If you admit your mistakes you can learn from them, you can correct them and even prevent them in future. This is postive on so many levels, your mindset improves as does your wisdom and insight, the lessons you learn from your mistakes are invaluable and last a lifetime. You can build stronger relationships with those around you and generate better ideas than you did before you took responsibility for your actions.

When you accept responsibility it is empowering because it is the right thing to do, it shows higher levels of conscious awareness, being able to reflect on your actions in such a way,facing your fears and failures and making changes, leads to success, reinforcing for you that you can overcome any hurdle. 



4. Family Is Everything. 


People who succeed often have their family as the focal point of their goal, they want a better life for them. Knowing that someone will take over their businesses motivates them to work harder so that they can hand over a strong and prosperous estate. they are working for their children and grandchildren, they want to leave a mark on this world.


Your reasons may be a little different but family being the focal point is still the same, you do what you do, to spend more time with them, to treat them and create a life full of oportunities and joy for everyone.


Your family, biological or not, are your anchors, whether is is wide and extended or just a handful, sharing your successes and your failures, your wealth and good fortune with those you love is what it is all about.


5. Take Care of Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. 


You cannot be successful if your body is unable to handle the pressure that comes with working hard. You have to keep it healthy with exercise and a healthy diet, getting 7-8 hours sleep a night is vital if you want to be at your best during the day..


You also have to have a sound mind for you to make the right decisions at the right time. Doing so is impossible if you have too much stress, get into the routine of taking time out for some breathing exercises or meditation during your day. 


You have to be in good spirit for you to think clearly. You also cannot enjoy life or interact with others positively if you are in a bad mood persistently. Take care of yourself so that you can expand your wealth and enjoy it while you are at it. Pay attention to your spiritual wellbeing with meditation and visualisations, many of the most successful people meditate daily as the benefits are integral to their overall success.



To achieve true success everything needs to be in balance, your mind and thoughts, emotions, behaviour, the work you do, your outer life and the most truly successful people know this.

5 Ways to Stay Dedicated to Success

To succeed in life, you have to do your best at all times but sometimes, staying dedicated becomes difficult. This is not a sign of defeat, on the contrary, feeling demotivated along the way whether because of sheer exhaustion or setbacks is almost inevitable and you will need a little boost. The following are 5 ways to help you stay dedicated to succeed.


1. Set Attainable Goals


Setting goals gives you a short term motivation and a long term vision. It also helps you to organise your resources and time so that you can make the most out of your life. Write down your goals with a pen on a piece of paper as according to research, writing them down by hand and connecting the letters manually engages your brain more actively. Typing them involves less mental connection.


2. Break Down the Goals into Smaller Pieces


A major source of stress in life comes from the feeling that there are impossible number of things to do. If you try to do the whole project at once, you will certainly feel overwhelmed. To avoid this you should break down the project into realistic steps and focus on completing each at a time.
Success in each step triggers the reward centre of the brain releasing a feel good chemical known as dopamine. This makes you feel motivated and inspires you to take another step.


3. Find a Social Support Network


Create a group of people who can help keep you on track. They can be family friends or relatives who can guide you and help you develop new skills. You can also reach out to them when you are feeling demotivated, listen and share ideas.


4. Exercise


Any form of exercise from yoga to aerobics elevates your mood and increases feel good chemicals in the brain. Exercising also acts as a type of meditation focusing the mind on a particular task and clearing any doubts as well as lowering stress. These elements combine and produce motivation feelings to carry forward.


5. Reward Yourself


When you get the expected results, reward yourself in some way. For some task, taking a few minutes break will do while others you can treat yourself to a dessert or a cup of coffee. For more demanding project, you can reward yourself by doing something enjoyable like taking a vacation, going to a cinema or even buying yourself something then move on to the next project.

10 Habits of Successful People


Nearly all successful people have similar habits. If you are not keen enough, you may never notice these habits. So, do you dream to become successful one day? Well here is how…


10 Habits of SuccessfulPeople


1. Decisive


The decisions that you make, whether small or big, will affect your success in life. It's important to make sure that these decisions complement your values. If you are unable to make the right decisions, then you will find it very difficult to live a successful life.


2. Responsiblity


Being responsible means taking control of the events happening in your life. It’s the difference between success and failure. Your actions will influence your success, so be more responsible.


3. Focused


Focusing on the goals that you set will help you become successful within no time. Without focus, you will be unable to do important things that will set your life on a new path to success. All I can tell you is focus.


4. Wake Up Early


Most who are successful in life, cultivate a habit of waking up early. If you have difficulty with waking up early, you should try different techniques like finding an alarm clock, avoiding light or screen an hour before retiring to bed etc.


5. Avoid Distractions


There are a number of distractions in your life that can lead to your failure in life. For instance, drugs, bad company, social media and much more. To avoid distractions, make sure that you work on completing the items on your to-do list before your work day ends.


6. Be Patient


Patience pays. To become successful you have to practice patience. If you do your things hurriedly, chances are that you won't do them the right way and you will become a failure. Take your time to attract success.


7. Listen More and Speak Less


Those who are successful use most of their time listening instead of speaking. By listening more and speaking less you have time to digest what you are listening to make sound decisions.


8. Respectful


In most disciplines, respect is the key to success. Without respect, you won't be able to taste success no matter how hard you try.


9. Always Make The First Move


Be bold in life and always make the first move and avoid being after the crowd. Always be ahead of the pack if you want to taste success.


10. Manage Time Well


Time is money. So, if you don’t manage your time well, don’t expect success to come on a silver platter.


Wrapping it Up:

To sum it up, becoming successful is without a doubt one of the most coveted achievements today. However, as you can clearly see, it requires a fair share of effort although it's still possible. If you keenly stick to the 10 habits outlined in this post, you can make your dream of becoming successful a reality.

Top 10 Tips To Become A Positive Thinker


Practicing optimistic thinking enables individuals to concentrate on their strengths as well as accomplishments that enhance contentment and motivation. The following 10 tips for having a positive mindset offer useful suggestions which you can use to assist you to shift into better thinking patterns.


1. Take Proper Care of Yourself


It is easier to stay positive while you are eating well, doing exercises, and getting adequate rest.


2. Recall the Things you’re Grateful For


Taking only one minute each day to stop and enjoy the good things can make a big difference.
Tensions and challenges do not appear quite as bad whenever you are continually recalling the things which are good in life.


3. Search for the Proof rather than Making Assumptions


In case you have a concern that a friend or family member's bad mood is because of something you did, or that your fellow workers are privately gossiping regarding you whenever you turn your back, do not hesitate to ask them. Do not waste your time worrying that you performed something badly until you have evidence that there is anything to be concerned about.


4. Avoid making use of Absolutes


Speaking and thinking in absolutes such as 'always' ( for example, You're ALWAYS late ) and also 'never' (for example, You NEVER contact me ) makes the situation appear even worse than it is, and forces your brain to believe that certain individuals are not capable of delivering anything.


5. Remove Negative Thoughts


Your thoughts cannot have any power over you unless you do not assess and challenge them. If you observe yourself developing a negative thought, remove it, and do not follow it, that is not a road you want to go down.


6. Crush the "ANTs"


"ANTs" (automatic negative thoughts) are actually the bad thoughts which are generally reactionary, such as "Those guys are giggling, they must be referring to me," or "The boss wishes to meet me? It must be awful!" When you observe these types of thoughts, understand that they are simply ANTs and just crush them, they are not based in reality or fact, just something your body automatically does.


7. Practice Caring and Touching (Your family and friends)


You do not have to be a professional to understand the advantages of a great hug. Positive bodily contact with friends, family members, and pets is an immediate pick-me-up. Smile more at friends and strangers you will be surprised how uplifting it is to receive a smile back.


8. Enhance Your Social Activity


By boosting social activities, you reduce solitude. Surround yourself with happy, healthy folks, and you will be affected by their positive energy in a positive manner.


9. Help Someone Else 


Everybody feels great after helping. It is possible to volunteer your cash, your time, or your assets. If you put more positive energy into the environment, you will receive more in exchange.


10. Combat Rumination


If you are ruminating, the best way to prevent it is to disrupt the pattern and compel yourself to perform something totally different. Rumination is similar to hyper-focus on something which is negative. It is never effective since it's not logical; it's simply too much worry. Try altering your physical surroundings - go for a stroll or sit outdoors. You can also call a friend, read a book, or listen to some music.

How to Overcome Failure


Failure can be defined with several definitions, but only those who have faced it in their life understand its true meaning. It is very obvious that nobody on this earth likes to fail. However, there exists a fact that almost everybody on earth has tasted at least once in their life.


The very obvious question that comes up in the mind is that, if everybody faces failure then what makes the people sitting at the peak of glory different from the rest. Well, it is the way in which they tackle failure that differentiates them. No successful person in this world has not tasted ever in his/her life. It is hence, considered as an integral part of success.


Though there are several tips on the internet for overcoming failure those who face it find most of them either impractical or pretty theoretical. However, it totally depends on your caliber as to how well you use this advice to tackle your failure.


To begin with, it would be right to say that you must get over the remorse of your failure as soon as possible. The more you cry about it, the tougher it would become for you to handle it. For heaven sake, do not blame others for your failure. Often, students pursuing training would blame their teachers; employees would blame their managers and entrepreneurs would blame their employees for their failure. This way you would go deeper and deeper in the pit of failures. So if you want to overcome failure accept your mistake and take the blame for yourself.


After you have taken the blame on yourself for your failure, your job is not done. What good have you done by taking the blame on yourself? To overcome your failure, take the very first step of identifying the cause of the failure. Try to find out what went wrong, where exactly did you go haywire and what else could you have done to dodge it. By doing this you would understand that, had you done 'this' then 'that,' you would not have met the failure. It would show you the path to overcoming your to a great extent and would also boost your confidence.


If you find it difficult to get over your failures, seek the advice of experts or mentors. Be honest and frank with them. Do not hesitate in telling them that you have failed. They would rather be impressed by the fact that although you have failed, yet you are striving back again to overcome your failure and transform it into success. Experts and mentors may change the entire game.


One you have identified your pitfalls, its time to work towards the success. Most of the people make a mistake, throughout their efforts to succeed, of thinking continuously about theirs. Especially while pursuing the home study. Stop it. Do not believe that about your failure, again and again, rather concentrate on your efforts towards success. Your constant endeavours would certainly pay off well.

Always remember, never give up and the Phoenix shall indeed rise.

Overcoming Self-Doubt


Self-doubt is something we all experience in our day to day life. It is nothing new. But, it becomes a problem when it permeates every aspect of a person life and prevents them from living life to the fullest. If self-doubt has become a problem for you, the danger is that you may decide to settle for mediocrity. This is because, self-doubt has the power to destroy your confidence, cripple you and stop you from pursuing your dreams.


Here are three secrets to overcoming self-doubt:


1. Do Not Be Afraid to Make Mistakes.


Self-doubt is grounded in fear, - fear that we will make mistakes or do the wrong thing. It is simply the fear of negative things happening. To overcome this fear, you will need to change your thought pattern. Human beings are not perfect and making a mistake is something we do. So don't allow mistakes to make you feel guilty and bad, rather, let them be your teacher. Remember that you can recover from making a mistake, so do not allow the fear of making one imprison you in self-doubt. Know that just because you make mistakes does not mean you are a failure. Go on and try something new, you will never grow unless you take risks.


2. Do Not Allow Your Feelings to Rule Your Life.


We were all born with the ability to make our decisions without any influence from outside. Self-doubt forces us to do things by placing outside pressure on us. In order to overcome it, you need to recognise that doubt is just a thought in your mind. It only has the power to stop you from enjoying life if you allow it. Remember that you have the ability to go forward and do whatever you need to do regardless of how doubtful you feel. I know that feelings are often very strong, and it is not always easy to go contrary to them. But, to be able to enjoy freedom from self-doubt you need to behave contrary to these feelings of doubt. Otherwise, it will continue to run your life and hold you in bondage.


3. Practice Being Positive.


Overcoming self-doubt is just a matter of doing away with one habit and forming another one. Discipline is required anytime a person is forming a new habit. Practice believing in yourself rather than doubting. Bear in mind that, in any situation you could either be wrong or right. So why not take the positive approach first?

Purposefully try to look at the positive side of every situation. Look at the glass of water as half full instead of half empty.


Overcoming self-doubt begins with you. You must believe that you can achieve your destiny in spite of what other people say or what your mind and feelings say.

May be you had negative messages fed into you since you were a child. It could have been a parent who excessively compared you to a sibling giving you the impression that you were flawed. But whatever the reason for your self-doubt and negative attitude towards yourself, the power to change lies with you. If you desire to be able to fulfil your dreams, then you must make a decision to start believing that you are a valuable person with a purpose to meet on this earth.

How to Persevere When it Gets Hard


Perseverance is hard to have sometimes. Things happen in everyday life that just make you want to crawl under a rock and hide. It becomes a challenge to stick our heads back out into the world where they may get bitten off in the process. This is what perseverance is all about. The determination to keep going, no matter what the odds. It is the trait of many successful people. Many of whom were shot down before they even got to the door, but today they are successful people with rich full lives.


A strong character is built around perseverance. It shows what you are made of so to speak when faced with a challenge that you must overcome. Successful people are determined to meet that goal they have laid out for their future. They keep striving to get there and will fight anybody and anything that gets in their way. They are determined to see a task through to completion and then they will sit back and reap the rewards.


Refusing to give up doesn't mean that you will never fail. It just means that you may have to take the long way around instead of the shortcut. But don't stop believing that you can do what you set out to do. Refuse to quit just because the road became real steep and it is going to be a big drag to try to get to the top. The journey begins with the first step, so keep placing one foot in front of the other. Before long, you will look back and see all that you have accomplished on this journey called life. It will be a wonder that you got as far as you did and that you didn't stop when the times got really rough.


Be a doer and a thinker. Instead of whining, come up with an achievable solution to your worst problem. This can start you on the road to confidence and self-esteem. If you decide you are unhappy, then you will live your life that way. But one morning, try to think happy thoughts and dream of a goal you want to achieve and you will be on your way. It may take many months or years to achieve, but you started by thinking it into existence as a goal to be earned.


If you have things in your past that upset your future, try to contain them in one small part of your brain. Try to limit the contact you have with the bad memories of the past, let them go. They will just pull you down as you go through life. Living in the now is much better and less worrisome for people. The past is gone and there is nothing that can be done about it now. You can try to fix the mistakes you made by doing even better in the future. Everyone makes mistakes. Don't be so hard on yourself when you do. Take them for what they are as a life lesson. Learn from them and move on. Don't let one mistake ruin the rest of your life. (Process process process)


Make those hard decisions that are needed. They come about to test our mettle. Persevere and get through those challenges sent your way. This will show others what you can do. You may even have a few people ask you how you do it. Be honest and you may just be the one to start them on their journey. Take pride in that. Mentoring can be another goal that is very satisfying. Teaching someone else how you persevered through a bad situation can always help. To know we are not alone in the world is always a great feeling to have. To know someone else made it through, and now I can do it too is a wonderful way to teach someone about living.


Remember to take small steps on that long journey. Don't wear yourself out and try to do it all at once. Take your time and rest along the way. You will find that if you persevere, you can get to the finish line.

How To Set Long And Short-term Goals


Being successful requires having the right mindset and planning properly. This means to be successful in different aspects of life you have to think like a winner and do proper planning. The planning entails setting goals of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it.


By setting goals you will be more focused since you will know exactly what you want. Consequently, one needs to set long and short-term goals.


The short term goals are for the near future while the long term ones are the ones to happen after a considerable period of time which might even be years. Here is how to set long and short-term goals.


The first step of setting both long and short-term goals is knowing exactly what you want. This means that your conscious should be clear before setting any type of goal. The importance of this is that you will know the things you need to consider while setting the goals.


This also helps you to make realistic goals. Being realistic means that you are setting goals which you know you can achieve. By setting realistic goals you avoid the frustrations that come when you repeatedly fail to achieve your goals. In fact, many people give up because they always set goals which are too high and as a result most of the times they fail to achieve their objectives. Therefore, while setting your goals regardless of whether they are short or long-term you should ensure they are achievable.


Setting the short term goals is simpler mainly because such goals might be achieved even within minutes or hours. This means you can wake up in the morning and set a short-term goal of something you want to achieve by the end of the day. Because of the short period you can easily tell the factors that might hinder you from achieving your goals. Therefore, you will be setting the short-term goals being almost certain of whether you will be in a position to achieve the goals.


On the other hard, making long-term goals can be a bit challenging. This is because the factors you had considered while setting the goals might change with time. Therefore, while setting long term goals it is advisable to consider that some factors might change. You can achieve this through setting long-term goals which are not too rigid. This means you should set goals with options of changing as time progresses.


The end results of the long-term goals should also not be very specific. Instead, your long-term goals should have a range. For instance; you can say in five years you want to have opened two or three other branches of your business. This will motivate you towards expanding your business without being too specific on the end results. Therefore, through following the outlined guidelines you can easily understand how to set long and short-term goals.