You will have an optimum body weight and this is not decided by your mind or societies expectations but your physiology, find out what your body needs, provide that and you will soon be moving towards your optimum weight.


Our bodies are amazing, their healing and self regulating systems are fantastic but they need to be treated well to work effeciently and at their optimum capacity, however there is not a one size fits all diet or fitness regime. We are all different and our body needs different things at different times, you cannot learn this from books you can only learn this through connecting with your physical body and finding out what works for you, what your body likes and doesn't like.

Then you need to look at your emotional relationship with food and weight and your mental framework and belief system, when you bring all of these things together you allow  your body to do what it does best and that is run an amazing self healing and regulating vehicle for you to enjoy a fabulous life.

I will share with you info courses and content that have been a great success with clients to help you reach your bodies optimum weight.